Take a look at some of the comments we've compiled from our users or a Letter of Recommendation. If you would like to speak with one of our customers directly to find out about their experiances with our support, training and product, just let us know. Many of our customers have offered to speak with interested parties prior to them signing up.
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David Valk, President, Valk Sales
Valk Sales has been an early user of Turnlink. Ari and Matt have byte by byte.. pun intended.. have grown and developed software that really works.

It has integrated our multi-state sales team and has enabled us not only to enter promotions and vendor & distributor item numbers globally but also enable us to filter & export data in a readable file for our vendors.

Ari & Matt listen to all the users, comb through their suggestions and in the last year Turnlink particularly has grown exponentially by addressing its customers needs. We are able to access Turnlink with multiple operating systems & multiple hardware. cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Turnlink from day one has been valuable to our company. Am glad that our industry in turn has recognized & rewarded Ari and Matt for their invaluable contribution to the growing number of vendors, brokers, distributors, and industry service providers and associations which work with Turnlink..


Justin Neal, National Sales Manager, Amy's Kitchen
When we decided to look for a mobile sales force automation tool, it wasn't long before we realized Turnlink would be a great fit for Amy's Kitchen. We were impressed by the features that are readily available but more importantly, they constantly strive to make advancements. We have witnessed several of our suggestions become new features in record time. I continue to be impressed by their team's knowledge, flexibility and ingenuity.

Aaron Anker, Co-Founder, Grandy Oats Granola
From an unsolicited email thanking TurnTree Solutions for a great product
Hey guys, I wanted to tell you that Julie is going into her 4th week. She is amazing already. I think much of her quick learning curve has to do with TurnLink....I must say TurnLink made it so much easier for her to learn our myriad of skus and information. Keep up the good work.

Susan Miller, Sales Manager, Way Out Wax
From a random note sent on a whim...
Your CRM is an amazing program and sales tool. I have been in sales for over 30 years (family biz) and I wish I had a tool like this years ago. Thank you and way to go!

Nicole Arthur, National Sales Manager, Eco Lips, Inc.
Replying to a TurnTree support team member's response
Great! I am really enjoying learning Turnlink. Thanks for making and supporting an excellent product.

Oliver Turner, COO, The Virginia Chutney Company
In a contact note to the TurnTree support team
VA Chutney continues to love Turnlink. Thanks to TL, we've broken into 30 stores in the past 2 months and dramatically improved our sales to existing stores.

Leah Gootkind, General Manager, Topline Marketing
In a recommendation to a TurnLink prospect
The TurnTree team has worked with us in developing the perfect database footprint for our use, along with a custom Commission template which has saved us hundreds of hours of time at the end of the month.

Russell Smock, Inside Sales Representative, PROBAR
In his first day at work and working in TurnLink summary to his manager at PROBAR
I just wanted to send out a first day overview of the Turnlink system. For the first day on the system and going through the list of contacts, things went pretty seamlessly....Every thing has run pretty seamlessly in Turnlink. The flow of process is quite easy, and simple to do. At first there is a lot of cross referencing between Netsuite and Turnlink, but I foresee this becoming very minimal as I plug through the list of companies.

So far, great feedback, and some good success for a first day through the system. Things look promising with Turnlink. I like that I can setup different templates for emails or notes or schedules. It makes adding info quite easily, as well as sending out follow up emails to the customers.

Melanie Wills, Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Nature's Path Foods
in response to a support email alerting her about a new feature coming soon
I can't wait! I used the iPad all week and it was fantastic! I love Turnlink!!!

Wes Crain, General Manager, Navitas Naturals
From a text on his Blackberry on one of the last business days of the year
Just a fun stat--14,593 Orders This Year So Far (Thru TurnLink)

Leah McAdaragh, Sales Manager, Teeccino Herbal Coffee
From an email to a friend who manages sales at a different brand
...I have been doing it old school, however, we now have an online CRM program we are using, called Turnlink.

I can log on while in the store and upload new info, skus carried, pricing, ect from my phone! Best tool we have recently invested in!

No extra cost on a device, no extra steps to add data when back at office, access from anywhere you have wifi, it's really quite genius....

Maggie LeBeau, Founder, Nepali Tea Traders
In an email after we helped clean up & migrate her old QuickBooks connecting it to TurnLink
I simply can't thank you enough for helping us make TurnLink a huge success.... we just never would have thought that it would be so cumbersome for you, and truly appreciate your expertise, persistence, and the generosity of your time.... I apologize that it has taken so much of your time, but you're developing some very loyal and happy customers!

Caroline MacDougall, Owner and CEO, Teeccino Herbal Coffee
In an unsolicited email referring TurnLink to her broker in Canada
I want to introduce you to TurnTree. I'm positive you will love [this] CRM, Turnlink, that has really been fantastic for Teeccino by allowing us to manage our store accounts online so no matter where we are, all of our sales people can see what is happening in any store. It also enables me as a manager to schedule calls for my team and to see the results of their actions. You'll love using it in the field when you are in a store and you can immediately input info that for instance, Deb back in your office, can follow up on.