About Us

TurnTree Solutions was founded in 2004 to provide the leading solution to manufacturers of consumer products goods and their sales representatives. We are based in Stowe, Vermont and have a satellite office in San Francisco, California. Its founders have over fifteen years of experience in the natural food industry and over fifteen years of experience in the high tech sector.
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How It All Started

The TurnTree Solutions founders saw the need for a solution to help them increase their product distribution to stores throughout the world via the already existing network of distributors and companies that purchased through them directly. This need led to the creation of the TurnLink Sales Manager. Because of its great success TurnLink is now offered as a service to other manufacturers who wish to centralize their existing data so it can be optimally used to grow their companies too.

TurnLink Sales Manager was built to be used by manufacturers in all industries. Including but not limited to medical, food, diet supplement, clothing, agriculture, cosmetic and many more.

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Corporate Responsibility Statement

TurnTree Solutions was born out of the natural and organic products industry and has embraced conscious social and environmental philosophies that are inherent in our day-to-day operations and our overall mission. We strive to create software solutions that allow companies to be more efficient, organized, productive, and resourceful thus reducing wasted time, wasted resources, and wasted materials. Since our operations are all digitally based, we leave a very small footprint on the environment.

  • All of our collateral, contracts, and agreements are created and sent digitally, therefore we use very little, if any, paper products.
  • We use only digital fax services, therefore we have the ability to view and store faxes without ever needing to use ink and paper to print them.
  • All paper that we may receive or use, is first reused by printing on the back, and then shredded and used as packing materials by other companies.
  • Employees are able and encouraged to work from their own homes, thus not having to burn fossil fuels to commute to an office space.
  • With the aid of our software solutions, applications, and offers, we hope that our clients can also become paperless.

As our company grows, we will not only make decisions based on our bottom line, but we will strive to create a positive impact on society and the environment.